Dive into the darkess!

Introductory cave diving is the second level in the development of proper techniques for cave diving, directly building upon the cavern diver course.

This introduction to cave diving is not intended to train divers for all facets of cave diving. The objective of this course is the perfection of skills taught in the cavern diving program, in addition to the adoption of additional techniques and procedures required for elementary cave dives.

During this course you’ll learn:

  • Policy for Cave Diving
  • Gas management procedures and management to include dissimilar volumes
  • Cave Diving Psychology
  • Proper Equipment Configuration and Usage
  • Communication (Light and Hand Signals)
  • Proper Swimming/Propulsion Techniques
  • Cave Environment & Cave Conservation
  • Problem Solving/Emergency Management
  • Etiquette
  • Decompression Theory/Planning


  • Medically cleared to dive

Prerequisite certifications

  • Cavern diver

min age 18 / time commitment 4 days / max depth 130ft/40m


Includes course materials and certification card

Offered by: