This course is designed to build on the fundamentals skills gained in the Open Water Certification. We will teach you to become more confident and comfortable in the water, and proficient with more advanced skills of buoyancy, navigation, and diving past 14m/60ft and more.

As part of this class, you’ll also have the option to select 3 specialty dives of your choosing, including Wreck Dive, Naturalist Dive, Fish Identification, Multi-Level/Computer, Boat Dive, Drift Dive and others. Deep Dive and Navigation are mandatory.

‍In this class you will:

  • Learn compass navigation
  • Gain more diving experience and fine-tune skills
  • Become more experienced and knowledgeable about the demands of diving beyond Open Water depths

Prerequisite certifications

  • Open Water Diver

min age 12 / time commitment 2-3 days / max depth 100ft/30m



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