Cave diving is a kind of diving that involves exploring underwater caves. Can be done by explorer or simple cave divers with a very high level of training and It is demanding and requires advanced training, specialized equipment, and strict adherence to safe diving ptotocols.

Cave Diving is different respect other types of diving. It requires divers to have good knowledge of overhead environment, all the safe protocols, navigating with compass, awareness and the ability to navigate in zero-visibility environments.
Cave divers must carry all their necessary equipment and supplies, everything must be redundant , as they may be in the cave for several hours and be unable to surface in the event of an emergency.

Become a cave diver, requires to complete a specialized training course and obtain certification from a recognized training agency.
During this training divers must learn all the skills and techniques needed to safely explore underwater caves, including navigation, communication, problem-solving, and emergency response.

Cave diving is an exciting and thrilling adventure, but it is also considered one of the most dangerous type of diving. Cave Divers must respect the challenges posed by cave diving and follow all safety protocols to minimize the risks. If you are interested in cave diving, it is important to get proper training and always dive with a qualified partner.
Us, in Pluto Dive, are a specialized Dive Center for Cave and Technical Diving, we can cover from basic Cave Diver since the most advanced Cave Diver levels. Plus we are an Instructor Training Center under IANTD and we can teach all the Cave Diver courses with TDI.