Cave Diving in the Riviera Maya is one of the most amazing activity you can do if you are a cave diver or you want to become one.
We have plenty of caves where is possible to dive in , cave access are normally simple and the mazes inside are spectacular , with an endless variations of formations such as stalactites , stalagmites, soda straw, bacon strips , rim pools , halagtites and columns , clear water , low flow and shallow depth.
Cave diving along the Yucatan coast was discovered in the middle 1980’s when cave divers began diving the Cenotes ( meaning natural well ) . The exploration of the cenotes exploded as more cave system were found , surveyed and mapped , every year since than new caves are found and the number of underwater caves is growing and growing.

We have the world ‘s best cave diving , the most extended underwater systems , basically a wonderland for cave divers.

Be prepared! Scuba diving in underwater caves present a variety of hazards.

General hazards are , water filled , water temperature and natural daylight cannot penetrate inside the cave than you are in complete darkness.
How to avoid that , carry the right amount of gas based on the rule of thirds or more conservative , fit a proper diving suit to be comfortable underwater for long periods , carry at least 3 powerful diving lights.

Specific hazards:

  • water flow ( not in our region as we have low flow systems but is better to check it especially is rainy season)
  • silt , can be very easy to disturb if you are not properly trained in trim and buoyancy techniques
  • haloclines can disturb the visibility pretty much , be aware once you dive in.
  • mazes , here we have some kind of swiss cheese caves involving the cave diver in very complex navigation
  • Large passageways , can easily create confusion in the direction
  • Line traps , are not common but you need to check your line to avoid them
  • fail to run a continuous guideline, connected to the exit of the cave can result in fatality
  • diving to deep
  • diving over the personal and certification level limits
  • new places and do not using a map

CAVE DIVING can be pretty safe if you follow the rules , our special advice is to hire a local guide , will be more safe , you will enjoy your dive more and he will guide you in the most amazing places you can find.
For non certified cave divers our caves are the best to receive a top world training in back mount or side mount , we can teach all the cave diver levels and most Instructor.